Fully Threaded Studbolts

Taylormade Fasteners have the capacity to manufacture Fully Threaded Studbolts in a variety of materials. Our general supply tends to be small to medium batch quantities in Super Duplex, Inconel and Durehete 1055.

We are able to offer a variety of thread forms & pitches including UNC, UNF, BSW & BSF

All of our products are fully traceable and available with 3.1 or 3.2 Certification.

Please be advised that we do not tend to offer for standard petrochemical studbolts in B7, B8, B7M, L7M, B16 and B8M as these type of products are mass produced all over the world and imported into the UK from the Far East. If we we’re to offer a specially manufactured price we would be considerable more expensive than where the current market may stand. Please excuse us from quoting for these items.Full Threaded Stud bolts tie bars bespoke forged cnc