12 Point Flange Bolts

Taylormade Fasteners have the ability to Hot Forged 12 Point Flange Screws to a wide range of industrial standards in all materials. Our general supply tends to be to the Power Generation sector from exotic materials such as Inconel 718, Inconel 625 and 660. However we do carry an extensive range of 12 Point bolting available from stock in B7/L7 and B16 material. Stock sizes range from 3/8” diameter to 1.3/4” diameter. Larger diameters can be manufactured to order upon request.


Depending on your requirements; we are able to offer a variety of thread forms & pitches including UNC, UNF, BSW & BSF.

All of our products are fully traceable and available with 3.1 or 3.2 Certification.12-point flange bolt cnc forged bespoke